Business Plans

Business Plans

Over its 22 year history, Bridge Partners has demonstrated capacity and creativity in its pursuit of real estate opportunities across a wide range of geographies and investment disciplines.  The firm continues to design and execute unique investment strategies for the purpose of delivering superior returns to its investors.   As such, Bridge Partners’ business activities are built around its business plans rather than specific markets or regions; this focus has in turn produced 200 real estate transactions across 17 states and over 50 domestic markets.

Active Business Plans Include:

Note Acquisitions
As a byproduct of the 2008 financial crisis and new reserve requirements, many lenders are deleveraging portfolios through the discounted sales of loans secured by real estate. Read More

Affordable Housing
Bridge Partners has accumulated a wealth of experience in the affordable housing industry: LIHTC, Section 42, HUD 236, Project Based Section 8 and LP/GP interests. Read More

Student Housing
Purpose-built student housing developments provide the opportunity to invest in assets supported by robust demand and limited competition. Read More

Value Add
Recognizing positive multifamily economic drivers, Bridge Partners continues to acquire assets with correctable physical deficiencies and operational weaknesses. Read More

In addition to multifamily assets, Bridge Partners seeks opportunities to reposition select assets in the limited and full-service hospitality sector. A typical Bridge Partners hospitality transaction includes a substantial opportunity to cure physical deficiencies and enhance amenities. Read More

Bridge Partners continues to leverage its network of relationships to execute a multiplicity of transactional disciplines including off-market trades, loan assumptions, REO purchases and partnership interests. Read More